I went with a rigid frame form Cycle One Manufacturing.  They build frames to your specification and are very nice to work with.  After a few emails we came up with the specs I wanted and they promptly made my frame.

Frame Building a bike is not like assembling Lego’s.  It is assumed that you have some fabrication skills to put these together.  They are not ready for paint and need some cosmetic work.  After lots of measuring and checking Cycle One did a very nice job of assembling this frame.  Everything was pretty straight.  They Mig weld their frames which is fine for strength but can leave something to be desired for aesthetics.  But I was fine with this because cleaning up migs welds is still a lot less work than building a frame from scratch.

I did some filling and blending with my Tig welder and various abrasive pads.

2013-06-08 08.03.27


2013-05-23 08.27.14


2013-06-08 08.03.19


Feeling satisfied with the amount of blending work done, I decided to call it quits until I tear this down for paint and reassembly.

2013-06-08 10.05.33

I could not resist mounting the forks and wheels.

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