Oil Tank

I decided to make the oil tank from a piece of 6″ aluminum pipe.  I purchased two 6″x1/2″ rounds from my local metal supplier and turned down the inside to seat into the pipe on my lathe.

2013-06-25 11.41.292013-06-25 10.53.09

Next I made the bungs for the outlet and return oil lines and welded them into place.  The return line has a tube to keep the hotter oil from being sucked right back into the outlet line.

2013-06-25 12.52.12 2013-06-25 11.53.28

2013-06-25 14.11.25 2013-06-25 14.11.46

2013-06-28 08.24.59

With most of the construction now done it’s time to tack weld the mounts in place and find a good spot for the filler cap.

2013-06-29 08.31.12

I purchased the oil cap off Ebay and found a good spot under my seat pan to mount it.

2013-06-28 08.03.002013-06-29 08.55.14

2013-06-29 09.19.36

I did a quick clean up and bead blast for now.  I’ll smooth out some surface defects after the bike is ready to tear down.

2013-06-29 10.38.54 2013-06-29 10.39.06

I’m liking it!

2013-06-29 10.55.15

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